What is your strategy on getting positive feedback as well as what to do when you get negative feedback?

Our Reputation Marketing strategies can have your cleaning business viewed as the top choice in your area and also boost credibility to prospects so you can command top dollar on your cleaning jobs and contracts.

Reputation Marketing is basically the fusion of reputation management and branding and PR. We do not like to use the word Reputation Management because that term takes on a defensive stance whereas you are just trying to prevent bad publicity – this does not make you money, it’s more like an insurance policy. You simply don’t make money managing. You do however make money marketing. Our Reputation strategy is designed to build you a 5 Star Reputation (plus maintain that) then leverage that into more and more customers, jobs and sales.

Here is a list of benefits of our comprehensive Reputation Marketing solution:

1. Review Collection: Having an easy way to collect reviews is a very important aspect of gaining and maintaining a 5 Star Reputation. We make it easy using a customized review collection page that allows customers to quickly and easily enter in feedback.

2. Negative Review Suppression: Unfortunately not all feedback will be positive. We cannot make every customer 100% satisfied even when we feel we did a great job. Some people have a level of expectations that quite frankly are a little unreasonable which can often lead to a customer venting their frustrations. It is very important that you suppress these situations privately before they leave negative feedback online for the whole world to see. Our system will handle these situations privately before bad press hits and destroys your hard earned reputation.

3. Positive Review Filtering: Our system will privately suppress negative feedback but will filter all the great reviews into a process that strongly encourages the customer to post the review online where it may be seen like Google, Yelp, Angies List etc. In other words, a filter will first take the original feedback and based on that feedback will divert the reviewer into 2 directions: 4 or 5 Star Review will be redirected to leave the review online and 3 stars or less reviews will be taken to a private feedback page where they can express their dissatisfaction and will never be directed to an online review page thus allowing you to handle these situations privately and try to resolve the issue.

4. Review Follow Up System: One of the big reasons businesses have a hard time capturing good reviews consistently is that they rely on the customer to take the time to leave on their own without any direction. Your customers are busy people and lets face it most of them are never going to think of leaving a review on their own unless of course they are mad and want to vent their frustration (it’s much easier to get bad reviews than good reviews). However, if you had a follow up system that say sent them a message every day for a few days after their visit, you can be sure your reviews will increase tenfold. Our system follows up with each customer 3 – 4 times until they have left their review which can result in ¬†3 – 4x results in your review collection efforts.

5. Reputation Marketing Tools: Now comes the fun part, cashing in on those great reviews from raving fans and customers. This is where most businesses miss the gold at the end of the rainbow. Once you have established your 5 star reputation you want to leverage that into more and more customers, jobs and contracts. Here are some of the marketing tools included in our system:

  • Social Media Syndication
  • Customized Media Center
  • Review Badge Widget
  • Review Commercials
  • Referral Domination System
  • Mobile Check-In App
  • Employee Training Center