Are you interested in advertising on Google or Facebook?

These are the 2 largest online advertisers in the world so tapping into these markets is essential for any kind of business but especially when your target market is all connected to these platforms. The problem with Google Adwords and Facebook Ads is that they are not at all user friendly and offer little to no support when running your campaigns. As a result many business owners have tried these avenues with little to no success feeling like these advertising mediums are a total waste of time, money and resources.

If you have tried these before keep an open mind moving forward. These 2 advertising methods can generate you more leads than you ever thought possible if you know how to properly setup and run & maintain your ads. There are just too many variables to gauge whether your ads are performing well and providing a cost effective means for generating leads, calls and sales. Here are some of the most important aspects to keep track of while running your ads:



GOOGLE ADWORDS – Get Our FREE Google Adwords ReportĀ Here

  • Proper Keyword Selection (targeting the right services, areas and keywords)
  • Geo Targeted Area (make sure you’re ades not showing in an area you don’t serve)
  • Relevancy Score (make sure this is high to lower cost per click)
  • Click-through Rate (the higher the rate, the lower your cost)
  • Landing Page (send traffic to specific page or landing page, not your home page)
  • Negative Keywords (create negative keyword list so ad won’t show for unrelated searches – Ex. “Pressure washing rental”)
  • Headline Split Testing
  • Ad Copy Split Testing
  • Using a Tracking Phone Number (vs. using your main # – allows you to measure ads success based on calls)

FACEBOOK ADS – Get Our Free Facebook Ads ReportĀ Here

Here are just a few of the things you need to run successful Ad campaigns:

  • Proper Interest Targeting
  • Proper Behavior Targeting
  • Landing Page Designed to Capture lead
  • Knowing the correct CPC bid amount-
  • Ad Image Selection
  • Plus much, much more…

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