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Don't Work With Ordinary Marketing Agencies. They Do Not Know Your (and my) Industry. The Best Results Are Going To Come From Experts That Know Your Industry And Know It Well. We Don't Pretend To Speculate On What Works and What Doesn't In The Cleaning Contracting Business World. We Live It Everyday. Owner Jonathan Luke Also Runs An Established Power Washing Business In Tampa Bay As Well Jacksonville, 2 Of The Most Competitive Market Areas In The Entire United States For Mobile Contract Cleaners.

You Are Not Alone In Your Power Washing Business. We Can Help...

We have found that there is no silver bullet. It really requires a multi facet type marketing strategy utilizing a good mix of traditional as well as newer cutting edge type methods leveraging technology to it's fullest. You want to have a good mix of productive marketing & advertising campaigns & strategies implemented but more importantly a way to measure and track results of these efforts. We recommend every company serious about marketing their business implement a call tracking campaign first before running any advertising or marketing campaigns just so you don't waste ineffective ad & marketing spend. Unless you simply are not spending any money on marketing/advertising (which every one SHOULD be), you should always be tracking results on every method you are using (paid or non paid).
Our business consists of mostly residential work in the following areas: Soft Wash Roof Cleaning & House Washing, Driveways, Patios, Decks, Gutter cleaning & Restoration, Paver Cleaning & Sealing, Window Cleaning, Fences, Wood & Deck Restoration and a few other items.
We have many Free resources. We have many Free Reports on anything from Facebook Ads to Google Adwords to Getting Customer Reviews and a few more topics. Plus we also offer a 3 Part Video Training Series that can really help you build your business. We also have a Free Power Wash Business Local Business Analyzer Software that allows you to check all of the reviews being shown online about you on over 30 directories plus shows you how you rank in a few key areas such as your local visibility rank. Just look at the top menu where it says "Resources" and click whatever resources you are interested in.
The amount of money, time & resources you should dedicate to your marketing & advertising budget really can vary on several factors. First, the size of your business greatly affects this. While I strongly believe every cleaning contractor should dedicate a minimum of 10% of their gross revenue to go towards marketing & advertising, this number should be increased if you have crews and really trying to grow your business to a higher level. Obviously, if you are a one man shop and can only handle a certain amount of jobs or work than you should cut that spend once you cannot handle any more work but in my opinion every owner should ultimately have their end goals be to get away from the actual labor side of the business so you can focus on growing and scaling your business. Once you have crews, you may want to go over that 10% minimum because you want to make sure your workers have enough work to make money for themselves and their families. The 2nd part to consider is if you are more reliant on residential or commercial jobs. Either side is still going to require you to market & advertise your business (and I feel every contractor should try to capitalize on both residential & commercial) but for the most part residential is going to require a little more marketing & advertising to consistently obtain residential work. The 3rd aspect is to consider what level you are in your business. For example, if you are in the first couple years of your business you may need to spend a little more on marketing to obtain new customers & clients but if you have been around for a while and have a huge customer database you may be able to live off of your customer database and not have to spend so much on marketing & advertising. But, I would plan on dedicating a minimum of 10% to marketing & advertising but MAKE SURE you are properly spending that marketing budget. If you spend your money on the wrong things, you'll get frustrated and have a mindset that spending $$$ on marketing just doesn't work and you will essentially stop the growth potential of your cleaning business. We actually dedicate up to 20% of our gross revenue to go towards marketing & advertising. Once you figure out your budget you might be surprised on what you spend now once you break it down. Some guys will tell me they don't spend ANY money on getting customers then I ask them how they get calls and they tell me things like they have their guys go around and place flyers (guys placing flyers = labor hours = marketing advertising $$$ spend) or they get all their calls from Google (yet they pay $1,000 a month for an SEO company to rank their website = marketing spend) or they hire a door to door salesperson to go set jobs (Salesperson Commission or Salary = Marketing/Advertising Spend). Trust me, there are much better ways to spend your marketing & advertising budget than the ones we just listed so talk to us and we can sit down and find out what may work best for you based on where you are in the business.